There are many reasons why people seek therapy. Sometimes, it’s simply to talk about life and how hard it can be. These are my areas of expertise:

Depth Psychology

Depth Psychology is a means of delving deeper into one’s own process and experience than many other forms of psychology. Depth psychology utilizes and integrates many different psychological approaches, in order to increase self-awareness, and fulfillment in life.

Spiritual Psychology

Combines the study of psychology and spirituality. The spiritual aspect doesn’t have to do with religion, but has to do with, the development of awareness of one’s true potential as a human being. This awareness can foster a sense of connectedness, authenticity, and fulfillment in one’s life. One can develop this awareness by learning how to identify and let go of any behaviors or thinking patterns that may be hindering this awareness.


Individuals or couples dealing with infertility can face emotional, physical and financial stress. Our sessions provide a supportive place to explore any of the myriad challenges, decisions, frustrations and expectations related to IVF, adoption, miscarriage or surrogacy.

Dream Work

Working with dreams can be a direct way to gain or uncover a deeper understanding of one’s self. Maintaining a dream journal or discussing one’s dreams in therapy can be a source of rich insights.


I offer a variety of tools and techniques to reduce or manage anxiety and stress that can include mindfulness, meditation or cognitive behavioral therapy.

Relationship Challenges

We each have different kinds of relationships, be it with a partner, spouse, family member, friend, coworker—and our self. Relationships can trigger anxiety, stress, anger, depression or loneliness. Therapy sessions can strengthen intimacy, awareness, communication and fulfillment.

Young Adults

Young adults can experience anxiety, depression or stress related to school, family, peers or sexuality. Therapy can help young adults find healthy ways to manage their feelings.

Self-Esteem Issues

Many of us struggle with a lack of self-worth or self- love. This deep- rooted feeling can inhibit intimacy, career, health or relationships. In an empathic environment, clients feel safe to explore their feelings. Different approaches such as psychodynamic, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral techniques help clients break free from negative thoughts patterns and limiting beliefs.

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